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It can effectively degrade chemical pollutants (VOCs) in small spaces and small water bodies, including formaldehyde in the air, pesticide residues and halides in water, etc. Ozone can be reduced to oxygen in water and air in 15 minutes, no residue, no secondary pollution, clean and environmentally friendly.

High voltage module / Power supply

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Shenzhen Goldsuper Industry Deve.Co.,Ltd was founded in 1995 and has been working in the transformer and power supply industry for more than 20 years. It has created professional development, design, production, processing and service capabilities. Reliability, energy saving, environmental protection, intelligence, miniaturization and modularization have always been our pursuit.



At present, the company has a workshop of 2000 square meters with advanced equipment: it introduces production equipment and testing instruments from abroad, with high production efficiency and an annual output of 5million transformers. Strong technical force: the company has more than senior technical personnel engaged in the theoretical research and application of electronic transformers. 


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Shenzhen Goldsuper Industry Deve.Co.,Ltd.


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