T-our-20 Plasma Ozone Sterilizer Principle

T-our-20 Plasma Ozone Sterilizer Principle

It can effectively degrade chemical pollutants (VOCs) in small spaces and small water bodies, including formaldehyde in the air, pesticide residues and halides in water, etc. Ozone can be reduced to oxygen in water and air in 15 minutes, no residue, no secondary pollution, clean and environmentally friendly.

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Detailed introduction

T-our-20 Plasma Ozone Sterilizer Principle

Plasma is called the fourth form of matter and consists of electrons, ions, free radicals and neutral particles. T-our-20 plasma ozone sterilizer uses the principle of dielectric barrier discharge (DBD) to energize and emit high-speed electrons, ionize air and water vapor, and generate low temperature plasma (NTP), also known as non-equilibrium plasma. The surface of the medium is repeatedly bombarded at a rate of hundreds of thousands of times per second, and the bombardment of high-speed electrons and high-energy ions causes local high temperature, forcing the lysis and death of microorganisms. At the same time, it can excite and ionize oxygen molecules and water molecules in the air to generate ozone (O3) and hydroxyl radicals (-OH). These are natural broad-spectrum sterilants with high inactivation performance against almost all bacteria and viruses. Ozone dissolves in water and decomposes into oxygen and monoatomic oxygen. Monoatomic oxygen reacts with hydrogen ions in pollutants (H+ is an important part of pesticides and bacteria) and finally generates water. The disinfection effect is faster and better. It can also effectively degrade chemical pollutants (VOCs) in small spaces and small water bodies, including formaldehyde in the air, pesticide residues and halides in water, etc. Ozone can be reduced to oxygen in water and air in 15 minutes, no residue, no secondary pollution, clean and environmentally friendly.

T-our-20 is strictly designed so that it will not radiate strong electric fields and magnetic fields that are harmful to the human body; it will not stimulate the formation of nitrogen oxides; it will not produce other harmful chemical substances.


Safety instructions:

People fear that ozone is toxic and dare not use it. Please see the instructions below:

1. For ozone concentration, the international safety standard is 0.1PPM for 10 hours, and the standard of the Ministry of Health of my country is 0.15PPM for 8 hours. The ozone concentration that the human sense of smell can smell is 0.01-0.02PPM. When you smell ozone, it's 7.5 times closer to a safe concentration. There is also a time guarantee. The T-our-20 is set to a 30-minute timer, and it will automatically shut down after 30 minutes. As long as you don't hold the vent to your mouth and nose for a long time, you won't inhale excess ozone.

2. In order to prevent children from playing for a long time, children need to be supervised by adults.

3. Places with flammable and explosive gases are prohibited to use.

4. Q: There is a high-voltage discharge in the machine to generate plasma, will there be electromagnetic radiation?

A: The fuselage is made of 0.8mm thick 304 stainless steel, plus high pressure and high temperature resistant epoxy resin potting. No electric shock, no super radiation.

5. Question: When high pressure ionizes air, nitrogen oxides will be produced. Will nitric acid be produced when dissolved in water?

A: T-our-20 is specially designed to control the temperature and electromagnetic field strength within a safe range, and will not ionize nitrogen in the air to produce nitrogen oxides.

6. Matters needing attention: Ozone has strong oxidizing properties. A small amount of inhalation of low-concentration ozone in a short time (a few minutes) will not affect health; inhalation of high-concentration ozone for a long time (tens of minutes) will damage the respiratory mucosa and endanger health. When using, avoid inhaling excessive ozone, and do not keep the ozone outlet facing the nose and mouth for a long time. Children need to use under adult supervision. Skin allergies should be used with caution.


Precautions for use:

1. In order to protect the environment and share resources, this machine uses a mobile phone charger or power bank as the power supply, with a specification of 5VDC/≥1A.

2. When washing with ozone water, tap water can be used. Do not put the outlet pipe into water with a temperature higher than 40°C.

3. Do not rinse the fuselage with water. If you accidentally get wet during use, you can dry it with a hair dryer and leave it for a day before use. When using, you need to press the sixth item to drain the water before it can be used normally.

Fourth, a few people will be allergic to ozone, and the skin will be itchy after washing. Please rinse with water or lukewarm water. If you feel dizzy or uncomfortable when using it, please ventilate immediately and wash your face and eyes with clean water.

5. In winter, the weather is dry, the ozone concentration increases, and the intake air volume can be adjusted to be small. At the same time, the air outlet pipe is inserted into the water cup for use, which can not only sterilize but also humidify.

6. If you accidentally insert the C and D holes of the wrong cup cover, water may be injected into the main unit. This is, no ozone is ejected. Processing method: square the host, and then turn on the ON switch. If the internal protection is turned off, the ON switch can be turned on again. Repeatedly, the injected water can be drained until there is ozone.


Implementation standard:

T-our-20 was pioneered by Xindijia Company, please look for the trademark of GOLDSUPER Goldsuper Xindijia.

Host: GB28232-2020 [Sanitary Requirements for Ozone Sterilizers], Cup: GB4806.7-2016.


Product description




(1) The sterilization and degradation mode of small water bodies in small spaces:


①Rinse and brush teeth mode (plug and play): B and D are connected (add water in the water cup), C add a rubber plug;

②Ozone water mode (use after 2 minutes): A and C are connected, B and D are connected (add water to the water cup);

③ Ordinary disinfection mode: B and D are connected, no water is added to the cup (toothbrush and personal items are placed in the cup);

④Small objects airtight strong disinfection mode: A and C are connected, B and D are connected, (objects are placed in the cup). Notice! This mode will generate high concentration of ozone, do not put the trachea to the mouth, nose and eyes, and the object needs to be ventilated for 15 minutes before it can be used.

(2) Deodorization and sterilization mode in larger space (room, bathroom, pet room, refrigerator, etc.): short tube + small mushroom-shaped silicone port for air outlet B, and H file for air inlet A.


Instructions for use:

Personal protection sterilization and disinfection methods:

【Small water body disinfection and sterilization】Oral care sterilization to remove bad breath

Use 1, oral sterilization, in addition to bad breath, make your teeth whiter. Rinse your mouth and brush your teeth in the morning and evening, rinse your mouth before and after meals, and use cold boiled water, purified water, filtered water, distilled filtered water, alkaline soda water or tap water. It is not recommended to use mineral water, mountain spring water and other water containing minerals . Insert the hose into D, C and rubber stopper, turn it on for 3 to 5 minutes, rinse your mouth and brush your teeth immediately. Use 2, wash your face and take a bath, insert the air outlet tube into the wash face and bath tub, bathe in warm and cold water (40 ℃) for 5-10 minutes, you can also disinfect and sterilize the underwear towel. Use three, water washing, washing dishes, fruit and vegetable pesticide degradation, killing parasites, insert the trachea into the water soaking fruits and vegetables for 5-10 minutes, and then rinse with water. According to the amount of water, users can adjust the amount of ozone and the amount of air from resisting L to high-grade H.

[Daily disinfection of toothbrushes and toothbrushes] Toothbrushes and razors are disinfected twice a day

Especially for friends with oral inflammation and oral ulcers, oral daily necessities such as toothbrushes and toothbrushes need strong disinfection to inactivate bacteria. Thor-20 is equipped with a special mouthwash disinfection cup. (1) Half-open disinfection (B-D): (see ④General disinfection mode) Put the used toothbrush into the cup, tighten the cup lid, insert the trachea, and automatically sterilize within 30 minutes. (2) Airtight strong disinfection (A-C.B-D): (see ③ Small object airtight strong disinfection mode) Put the dental appliance into the mouthwash cup, insert the air intake pipe and the air outlet pipe respectively, seal and disinfect for 30 minutes, take it out and dry it for use. Other small items that require strong disinfection can be sterilized in the same way.

[Small space disinfection and sterilization] Inhibit fungal skin itching (ensure no ozone leakage during use)

Use 1, inhibit fungus and prevent beriberi, high-grade H. After washing the feet with warm water, put the trachea tube and the affected foot into a sealed fresh-keeping bag, align the mouth of the tube with the affected area, tie the mouth of the bag tightly, and disinfect for 10 to 15 minutes, once or twice a day. Use 2. Mosquito bites to relieve itching and swelling. Connect the hose to the bell mouth. It is best to soak the affected area with water. . Or use a wet cotton ball and wet tissue to block the bell mouth for 1-2 minutes to fully absorb high-energy ions and ozone, and then rub the affected area for 2-3 times. Note: Thor-20 is not a substitute for medication.

Environmental space deodorization, sterilization, deodorization method: (used when closed or unoccupied)

[Intermediate space disinfection, sterilization and deodorization] Room disinfection twice a day

10 to 15 square meters of room kitchen, toilet, pet room, etc., disinfect for 30 minutes, turn the switch to H gear, generate a larger dose of plasma and ozone. It is recommended to disinfect twice a day. Note, keep it airtight when disinfecting, and make sure no one and pets are on the scene. The machine automatically timed 30 minutes. In small spaces such as refrigerators, cupboards, lockers, etc., turn the switch to the M or L position to generate small and medium doses of plasma and ozone, which can be sterilized in just 30 minutes.

[wardrobe, bookcase, shoe cabinet, mildew and odor removal]

Put it in the cabinet and turn it on for 30 minutes, it can kill mold and remove odor. Note, please use mid-grade M or low-grade L. It is not advisable to make the ozone concentration too high, and it should not be used for a long time to prevent books and clothes from fading.

【Disinfection masks, underwear, sheets】

If you are worried about contamination before and after using the mask, try using Tor-20 first. Fold the mask in (pay attention to the inner layer facing inward), then insert the air inlet and outlet pipes, and disinfect for 5 to 10 minutes. After taking it out, let it dry for 5 minutes, there is no strong ozone smell, and it can be reused. Put the underwear sheet into a clean plastic bag according to the above method, tie the bag tightly, kill it for 30 minutes, sterilize and remove mites.

[You can also make your own oxygen-enriched water hand sanitizer]

The ozone excited by the plasma can be quickly dissolved in water, and the ozone in the water is quickly reduced to oxygen to produce oxygen-enriched water. Use tap water or cold boiled water, preferably add a little baking soda (edible alkali) 100PPM, inject it into a mineral water bottle, high-grade H, intubate disinfection for 5-10 minutes, you can make oxygen-rich water hand sanitizer, wash your hands and then rinse with water clean.

Internal circulation closed strong sterilization method: (to ensure no ozone leakage during use)

[Powerful disinfection of small spaces] Daily utensils can be disinfected at any time. Powerful disinfection can be performed on objects that may be contaminated. Daily use of toothbrushes, dental appliances, razors, towels, underwear, cups, feeding bottles, masks, tableware, etc. Put these objects into a sealed sterilization bag, insert the air inlet and outlet pipes from the small hole bags on both sides of the sterilization bag, (A-C, B-D are connected) high-grade H, sterilize for 15-30 minutes, high-energy ions and ozone excited by plasma can Inactivates almost all bacteria, viruses, including fungi and mites. After taking out the object, ventilate for 10-20 minutes, and use it when there is no strong ozone smell.

Ozone concentration detection and use time:

High-energy oxygen ions and ozone excited by plasma have extremely unstable chemical properties, and can be reduced to oxygen within 10-15 minutes in air and water, and the concentration of ozone is affected by air pressure, temperature, humidity, airflow, space size, and water temperature. ·The pH and other environmental factors are affected, and its concentration is not easy to control. But when we use Tor-20, we will worry about whether the ozone concentration will exceed the standard and endanger our health? Or worry that the ozone concentration is insufficient, can it play a role in disinfection?

do not worry. First, T-our-20 strictly designs the maximum ozone concentration to ensure safe use. Second, inhaling a small amount of ozone will not damage health, and people's sense of smell is very sensitive to ozone, and it can feel at very low concentrations, which is a god-sent detection ability. When feeling unwell, immediately open the door and open the window for ventilation. Third, users can choose test strips and colorimetric cards, which can be tested on-site to monitor the ozone concentration in the air and water, and can easily adjust the knob to lock the ozone concentration that you think is acceptable.

The national standard stipulates that the safe ozone concentration in the air is: 0.15PPM, 8 hours, and the international standard: 0.1PPM, 8 hours.

The ozone concentration that the human sense of smell can smell is about 0.02-0.04mg/L or 0.01-0.02PPM.

When using ozone gas to sterilize the space (used when closed or unmanned), the required ozone concentration, the medical standard is 5mg/M3 or 2.5PPM. The time is more than 60 minutes, and the relative humidity is 70%. For home use, the recommended ozone concentration is 0.2mg/M3 or 0.1PPM. The time is 30 minutes, and the relative humidity is more than 70%.
When using ozone gas to sterilize the surface of objects (used when closed or unmanned), a high concentration of ozone is required. The medical standard is 60mg/M3 or 30PPM, the time is more than 60 minutes, and the relative humidity is 70%. Using T-our-20 at home can sterilize the surface of small objects. It needs to use the [strong disinfection of small spaces] method. For details, please refer to the instructions on the previous page.

To disinfect water bodies (mouthwash, bath water) with ozone gas, the required ozone concentration, the national standard is 0.5mg/L or 0.5PPM, and the time is 5-10 minutes.

When using ozone water to sterilize the surface of objects, the ozone concentration of ozone water is required: the medical standard is 10mg/L or 10PPM (used when airtight or unmanned), and the time is more than 40 minutes. When used at home, it is recommended that the ozone concentration of ozone water is 1-2mg/L or 1-2PPM. It can be used open, place the object in a cup or basin, fill it with water, and insert the hose for 10-15 minutes. When in use, the amount of water in the cup and basin can be reduced, and the corresponding concentration can be quickly reached.

When using Tor-20 to disinfect skin affected areas, high-concentration ozone, 10mg/M3 or 10PPM is required. Adjust the button to high-grade H, cover the wet tissue or wet cotton ball with the bell mouth, quickly reach a high concentration, immediately wipe the affected area several times, or press the wet tissue and wet cotton ball on the affected area for 2 minutes, repeat several times.


Common problem:

1. The power indicator light is off (red):

A. Check whether the 5VDC power supply at the input terminal is normal?

B. Check whether the micro usb power cord is in poor contact?

C. Is the ambient light too strong to see the light of this product?

2. The power-on indicator light is off (green):

A. Check if the red indicator light is on? Light is normal.

B. Is the ambient light too strong to see the light of this product?

3. Ozone-free output:

A. Are the two color indicator lights on? All light is normal.

B. You can smell it with your nose to see if there is an ozone smell, or try your tongue to see if there is a fishy smell

Remarks: After analyzing the above phenomena, the fault still cannot be eliminated, please contact the company's maintenance point or dealer. It is strictly forbidden for non-professionals to disassemble and assemble the machine.


packing list:

Serial number







Silicone base



3.5# silicone tube (70cm) transparent



3.5# silicone tube (30cm transparent + 35cm blue)



3.5# Silicone tube + Small mushroom type silicone mouth( 6cm )



2.5# Silicone tube( 5cm )



3.5#+5# Aeration tube (in the socket cup) 15cm



Micro usb power cable( 1m )









Mouthwash cup



Warranty card (The host is guaranteed for two years, and can be returned within 7 days without any reason. Other plastic and silicone accessories may turn yellow after long-term use, which is not a quality problem, and can be repurchased after replacement):

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